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Tonight’s BBC Four programme marking the recording of the Beatles debut album ‘Please Please Me’ on 11th February 1963 is a neat idea.

Earlier this week and 50 years to the day, a dozen contemporary artists were wheeled into Abbey Road Studio 2 and each performed a song from the LP.

Whatever the individual strengths and weaknesses of each performance, the programme marking this ‘re-recording’ will no doubt underline the achievement of John, Paul, George and Ringo in capturing their live set in one action-packed day.

In a piece of sychronicity, the bassist with The Dave Clark Five – Rick Huxley – passed away on the same day as the re-recording.

The obituaries that have appeared in several newspapers this week noted how The Dave Clark Five are critically dismissed today.

But at the height of the UK invasion of America in 1964/65, they were up there with the Beatles, touring relentlessly and selling zillions of records.

Half a century on, these pieces of bubblegum still have the power to make me singalong with a smile on my face – and stamp along to the ‘Tottenham Sound.’

Rick Huxley R.I.P.


Dave Clark Five – Bits and Pieces

Dave Clark Five – Glad All Over

The Beatles Please Please Me: Remaking A Classic – BBC iPlayer

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