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The trouble with reading a good book is that it ends all too quickly.

‘Bedsit Disco Queen’ (Virago) by Tracey Thorn is a classic of that genre.

So I’m now grappling with the dilemma of how long to leave it before I read it for a second time.

As a self-confessed music anorak and ‘Everything But The Girl’ fan, it’s a book I’ve been anticipating reading for months.

So I, of course, lapped up all the muso detail – like why the sound at the EBTG Manchester Apollo gig I attended in 1990 was so bad.

But what must be heartening for the publishers is that it’s already spent two weeks in the Sunday Times non-fiction best-sellers Top 10 (currently at number 9 ).

That’s because Tracey’s pop star past is the context for a very human story featuring family, relationships, ambition, compromise and creativity.

Which must I think mean it’s finding readers who perhaps aren’t that familiar with Tracey’s pop star past, or even care about it.

It’s so beautifully written, and I particularly liked the device of using her song lyrics between the various ‘chapters,’ shedding further light on the story Thorn is telling.

That potential readership will certainly expand next week (beginning Monday 4th March) when ‘Bedsit Disco Queen’ is BBC Radio 4’s Book of the Week, narrated by Thorn herself.

Her self-depracating authorial voice will take to the airwaves – but I’m sure she’ll sound just as authentic on air as she does in print.

Highly recommended.

Book of the Week – BBC website

And here’s the title track from EBTG’s ‘American’ album, ‘The Language Of Life,’ that sounded so iffy at the Manchester Apollo all those years ago.


EBTG – The Language Of Life


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