the devil’s horn

In life, ambitions are important, whatever age you are.

I’m still hanging on to one of mine which involves learning to play the saxophone.

So for me, the latest edition of BBC Radio 4’s Archive Hour was an inspiring hour’s listening.

It told the story of the sax, taking in some of the instrument’s greatest players via archive clips plus lots of amazingĀ  music.

Narrating the programme, which I thoroughly enjoyed, was the wonderful British alto saxophonist Soweto Kinch.

His new album ‘The Legend of Mike Smith’ fuses jazz and other musical genres like rap, and will become a stage show at the revamped Birmingham Rep in September.

It’ll be a show well worth checking out if you are in the Midlands.

The programme also showcased one of my favourite sax performances from the peerless Coleman Hawkins, recorded in 1939 and which he talks about in a superb archive clip (about 20′ 50″ in).

The Devil’s Horn – BBC iPlayer


Coleman Hawkins – Body and Soul


Soweto Kinch – Facebook page

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