good vibrations

Pop music is littered with lots of unsung heroes, who rarely get their due.

But that’s not always the case.

It was great to see ‘Searching For Sugarman’ getting the best documentary Oscar, retelling the forgotten story of the American musican Rodriguez .

And next month, a feature film goes on general release in the UK and Ireland, which is about one of the heroes of the punk scene in Northern Ireland.

Terri Hooley made his name as a record label and record shop owner in Belfast – the cheekily titled ‘Good Vibrations.’

He’s perhaps best known for signing the Undertones and releasing ‘Teenage Kicks’ before Sire Records and Seymour Stein arrived on the scene.

So ‘Good Vibrations,’ the film, shines a large spotlight on a great story set against the backdrop of The Troubles.

I’ve not been able to track down a trailer for the film, even though it’s been shown at several film festivals around the world.

But the short YouTube movie will give you an idea of the background, and also demonstrates what a great character Hooley is.


Good Vibrations – Facebook page

The Terri Hooley Story – video

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