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Music on tv is going through a fertile period at the moment thanks to two excellent series.

‘Howard Goodall’s Story of Music’ has been enlivening Saturday nights on BBC2 while a midweek slot on BBC Four has unravelled the history of classical music in the 20th century in ‘The Sound and the Fury.’

Admittedly, it’s been a bit like waiting for a bus.

You wait for ages, and then one, and then another come along in quick succession.

But when the series are as rich in detail and argument as these two have been, my musical week is about to get slightly poorer.

The third and final part of ‘The Sound and the Fury’ put minimalism at its heart, and that meant contemporary composers whose music I enjoy – Reich, Glass and particularly John Adams.

And you also got composers from different musical schools, for want of a better word, ‘bitching’ about their rivals.

Pierre Boulez does a withering put down of minimalism, which is worth watching for its sheer coolness.

In a bid to avoid repeating myself too often, I’ve started linking to previous posts which have a related theme, so I hope my John Adams blogpost speaks for itself.

And if you’ve missed ‘The Sound and the Fury,’ three hours of top notch telly will fly by – and send you off in search of music you may not have heard before.

The Sound and the Fury: Easy Listening? – BBC iPlayer

John Adams blogpost – 4th September 2012

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