lincoln soundtrack

Daniel Day Lewis’s masterful performance as Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ is one that it’s hard to take your eyes off.

In this era of movies dominated by CGI and special effects, it’s a long time since I watched a film that’s so dominated by the spoken word and demands your full attention.

But the longer the film goes on (and it lasts two and a half hours), ‘Lincoln’ repays that concentration.

And then you gradually become more aware of the subtle role played in the film by music, provided by that master soundtrack composer John Williams.

He was beaten to the Oscar for Best Music Original Score by Mychael Danna for ‘Life Of Pi.’

But that’s possibly because the ‘Lincoln’ soundtrack echoes music composed by 20th century giants of American music like Aaron Copland, who forged the country’s musical identity.

So it works brilliantly, but perhaps isn’t truly original.

Well worth seeing though.


Lincoln – extracts from original sound track

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