how soon is now?

Writing a daily blog means you’re always on the lookout for material.

So I’ve started looking in unlikely places for stories to see whether that approach throws up any off-beat ideas.

A brochure for the fashion chain Toast, which came through the postbox the other day, didn’t on the face of it look very promising.

But it just shows how wrong you can be.

Under the title ‘Six Working Men,’ it profiles half a dozen blokes in a homage to the photographer Irving Penn and his Small Trades series – an early 50s string of portraits of tradesman, dressed in their work clothes, carrying the tools of their trade.

Like all Toast brochures, it’s a work of art in itself.

One of the featured men is Richard King, author of ‘How Soon Is Now’ (Faber & Faber), ‘a survey of independent music through its record labels and the mavericks and visionaries who created them.’

The book came out about a year ago, and as I’m nearing the end of Richard Williams ‘The Blue Moment’ (also Faber & Faber), it looks like just the job to take me through March.

Now where’s that copy of the Homebase discount weekend brochure?

How Soon Is Now – Richard King’s website


Six Working Men – Toast website

The Smiths – How Soon Is Now

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