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Bands who’ve been going for four decades are usually in the lucky position of having an audience that spans different generations.

Status Quo began life as a psychedelic Sixties outfit.

But by the early 70s, they were playing hard-driving bluesy rock that earned them album sales and a faithful live following.

It’s that classic Quo line-up, that hasn’t played together for over 30 years, which finishes a short UK tour this weekend.

Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, John Coghlan and Alan Lancaster were heroes to certain members of our class when I was a teenager.

Each year as our hair grew longer and we fought a one-sided battle with acne, they would arrive at school, full of tales of their latest visit to the Liverpool Stadium to hear ‘Quo.’

This was a venue which usually staged boxing, so their stories were bathed in the half-light of imagined violence.

By the time ‘Down Down’ became a UK No.1 single in 1975, Status Quo were pin-ups and their music went a bit mainstream circa ‘Rockin’ All Over The World.’

So it’s worth revisiting their pre-1976 repertoire, as the current tour does exclusively, to see where they earned their musical spurs.


Status Quo – Most Of The Time

Status Quo – Rain


Status Quo – Down Down

Status Quo – official website

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