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The songs of certain artists lend themselves to being covered while others just don’t.

For me, Nick Drake falls into the latter category.

Lots and lots of people have had a go at performing his tunes.

There have even been whole albums and concerts given over to the concept.

But it takes a particular musicality and even sensitivity to pull off a successful cover of a Nick song.

Which is why it’s particularly wonderful to recommend a version of ‘Northern Sky’ performed by the inspirational American children’s choir, PS22 Chorus.

The link was passed on to me by Nick’s engineer and co-producer John Wood.

Rather than tell you too much and perhaps sway your judgement, have a look and listen to the performance on YouTube.

And then check out their Facebook page.



PS22 Chorus feat. Clive – Northern Sky


PS22 Chorus – Facebook page

Northern Sky blogpost – 26th April 2012

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