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The reasons why an artist, who clearly has talent, doesn’t make it big can be complex and various.

Graham Parker and the Rumour were one such act, who made a splash in the late 70s as post-punk was cutting its teeth.

Watching a new documentary about Parker, which apparently was 10 years in the making, you realise the line between failure and success can be very thin.

One of the band’s advocates in the film was the Boss – Bruce Springsteen – who knows all about career ups and downs.

But even he was at something of a loss to explain why ‘Squeezing Out Sparks,’ Graham Parker and the Rumour’s lauded 1979 album, didn’t crack America.

Listening to the band now, you’re reminded of the people we did take to our hearts by buying their records – Springsteen, Elvis Costello and also Joe Jackson, who explained how his vocal style owed much to Parker.

Parker has continued to make music and issue albums on his own.

So the recent reunion album with the Rumour plus a string of dates in America next month might give Parker’s reputation and catalogue a welcome boost.

Graham Parker: Don’t Ask Me Questions – BBC iPlayer

Graham Parker – official website

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