sister rosetta

Artist collaborations can look great on paper, but the vital spark that produces great music can be harder to locate.

One combination that yielded plenty of sparks and stoked up a good old fire is 2007’s ‘Raising Sand’ (Rounder) by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant.

One of the tracks turned up today on my iPod shuffle.

And immediately brought to mind one of the most amazing pieces of music television you’ll ever see.

It features Sister Rosetta Tharp in a 1964 Granda tv show, which showcased American folk, blues and gospel artists whose package tours around the UK at that time drew enthusiastic crowds.

As you’ll see from the puddles on the platform of Chorlton railway station, the Manchester weather had lived up to its international reputation.

But that didn’t dampen the spirits of a woman who is cited by people like Little Richard as a major influence.

Krauss and Plant obviously agreed with him.


Sister Rosetta Tharp – Didn’t It Rain

Alison Krauss and Robert Plant – Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us

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