train songs

Somehow the other day, a couple of songs collided in my listening day and set my imagination in train.

The time is the mid-Seventies or thereabouts, and artists who’ve enjoyed success earlier in the decade are working on songs for their next albums.

In my imagined world, singer-songwriter and ex-Humblebum Gerry Rafferty and members of Geordie folkrockers Lindisfarne are heading for the train.

They’re travelling between Scotland and the North East of England respectively – and London where the music industry of the time resides.

On one of these journeys on the East Coast line, they may have even passed each other in a station concourse or on a platform.

Or perhaps shared a carriage on the journey.

The experience, whether shared or not, certainly produced a couple of train-inspired tunes that were part of their hit albums of 1978.

‘City To City’ was the title track of Rafferty’s mega-successful album that also featured ‘Baker Street.’

And ‘King’s Cross Blues’ found its way on Lindisfarne’s brilliantly titled ‘Back And Fourth’ – the reunion record made by the original line-up, which had the big hit ‘Run For Home.’

Both are toe-tappers and you can almost smell the diesel fumes coming from the locomotive.

Whoo – whoo!


Gerry Rafferty – City To City

Lindisfarne – King’s Cross Blues

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