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The latest phase of my efforts to find a new home for my music collection saw me spending Good Friday in Reading.

Hundreds – and I do mean hundreds – of fellow audiophiles whiled away a very enjoyable day leafing through racks and racks of cds and vinyl.

My debut record fair appearance as a seller last November resulted in a blogpost.

But I thought a second post would be pushing it as record fairs are, well – record fairs.

Not a lot to say about them really.

How wrong could I be.

So it’s rather apt that this, my 500th blogpost should have at its heart one of the people whose music was enshrined in the grooves of the vinyl albums and cds we were all selling.

There I was standing behind my stall when a guy hoved into view, who seemed to have modelled his look on Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin.

You often see people at these gatherings whose personal style nods towards a musical hero – a well brylcreamed quiff or a penchant for leather.

But this was of an altogether different order.

The neighbouring stall was heaving with vinyl, and the Jimmy Page look-alike started flicking through the racks and proceeded to pull out various sleeves and check them over.

The resemblence though was uncanny, and after the guy moved off towards another stall further down the hall, I remarked on this to a fellow stall holder.

And you guessed it.

He confirmed that the striking man with grey hair in a ponytail was indeed … Jimmy Page to whom he had sold various vinyl records at previous fairs.

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

I’ll save my Robert Plant story for the 100oth blogpost.

Happy Easter weekend.


Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song

Led Zeppelin – Gallows Pole

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