a passionate life

Easter and the music of JS Bach are inextricably linked.

His great Passions of St.John and St.Matthew in particular will have received many performances over the past few days.

So last night’s BBC Two documentary about the man and musician, presented by Bach specialist John Eliot Gardiner, was well-timed.

Little is known about Bach the man, so Gardiner talked to scholars and musicians in a bid to flesh him out into a three-dimensional figure.

As has become the style with contemporary classical music documentaries, there were lots of performances woven into the story-telling.

Many of these appeared effortless, belying the tremendous skill and creativity of both composer and performers.

If you missed it, and you’re looking for 90 minutes of excellent music television to accompany your chocolate egg or Easter cake eating, then look no further.

Bach: A Passionate Life – BBC iPlayer

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