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Bank Holiday tv watching doesn’t usually turn up too many gems by the time it reaches Easter Monday.

But when you’re feeling decidedly under the weather, a familiar favourite can act as the perfect tonic.

Hard to believe it’s nigh on 20 years since Nick Park’s ‘The Wrong Trousers’ lit up the BBC’s Christmas schedules.

Watching it again for the umpteenth time, but the first time for ages, it reminded me that it’s my favourite Wallace and Gromit feature.

And that the musical soundtrack by Julian Nott is quite superb – the jaunty W & G theme plus some superb film noir-esque incidental music, which is an homage to Bernard Herrmann amongst others.

For copyright reasons, the BBC iPlayer hasn’t got the programme.

But I hope you’ll enjoy visiting Julian Nott’s website which has audio samples from his film music career.

Now I need to go and have a lie down, and take a couple of paracetemol.

Julian Nott – official website

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