way to blue

For the past few years, Joe Boyd has been mounting concerts around the world, showcasing the songs of Nick Drake.

As Nick’s mentor, it’s been something of a labour of love.

Using a core group of musicians and performers, he’s allowed each song covered to develop and mature.

So if you didn’t catch one of the concerts, we now have a new cd of the best performances from gigs in London and Melbourne.

‘Way To Blue: The Songs of Nick Drake’ (Navigator Records) is released on 15th April.

Having recently declared my own belief in these pages that Nick’s songs are almost uncoverable, it’s also true to say that some of Boyd’s line-up succeed in their task.

My own favourite remains Krystle Warren’s ‘Time Has Told Me,’ which I blogged about when the Barbican show was repeated on tv.

Certainly, Nick fans will find their own favourites to enjoy, and the project, patiently executed as it has been, deserves to gain a wider audience for the music.

Navigator Records – official website


Kyrstle Warren – Time Has Told Me

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