crown imperial

Some films bear repeated viewings and the multiple-Oscar winner ‘The King’s Speech’ is one such movie.

The scene in Westminster Abbey as Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush) prepares the soon-to-be King George VI (Colin Firth) for his Coronation is particularly powerful.

But what I hadn’t noticed before is that the music composed by William Walton for the real 1937 Coronation is nowhere to be heard.

It’s the sort of commission that must give a composer nightmares.

But such was Walton’s success, it’s now a piece of music that is a part of the furniture at royal occasions nearly 80 years later.

The version I found on YouTube features the conductor Sir Adrian Boult, whose 13-cd set of recordings for EMI from the 1960s and 1970s I blogged about recently, and provides another musical link with the era of George VI.


William Walton – Crown Imperial (Coronation March)

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