respectable rebellion

It’s finally here – an album I wrote about way back in September last year is launched today with a special gig in their native Yorkshire.

And the wait’s been well worthwhile.

‘Respectable Rebellion’ from Union Jill is a record I’ve been lucky to enjoy listening to since the turn of the year, thanks to a pre-release copy from my good friend John Wood.

John engineered the album with Clive Gregson producing.

And the result is a set of songs that any lover of acoustic music, harmony singing and the social history of the UK will savour.

The tone is set with the opening track, ‘The Queen of Holloway,’ which has a hypnotic hook and, like the rest of the album, tells a compelling story.

That’s one of the album’s strengths, marrying Sharon Winfield and Helen Turner’s close-knit vocals with lyrics that are a mile away from the predictable fare of many current performers.

I can’t recommend the album highly enough, and if you ‘re in the vicinity of the National Centre For Early Music in York this evening, you’re in for a treat.

Union Jill will be backed by a full band with Clive Gregson on guitar joining the girls for their big night.


Union Jill – Mad Alice

Union Jill – ‘Respectable Rebellion’ – audio clips

Union Jill blogpost – 14th September 2012

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