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Songwriters come in all shapes and sizes as today’s BBC Radio 4 documentary about Nick Drake’s mother Molly proved.

Hearing her musical creations getting a national airing (two of them amazingly performed by Tracey Thorn) also illustrated that a song can have a life of its own in the hands of a wonderful singer.

Fortunately, songwriting, as we learned in the programme, is a skill that passes from generation to generation.

So whenever the work of a songwriter reaches my ears and grabs my attention, I try and spread the word.

Adam Holmes has been part of the Scottish music scene for the past few years, notably with Rura and his band The Embers.

Now we have a solo album, ‘Heirs and Graces,’ (Gogar Records) which is available on assorted formats.

To complete the Nick Drake connection, the record’s been engineered by John Wood and has recently picked up a nomination in the Scots Trad Music Awards 2013.

You can hear extracts from each track on the attached link which will give you a good idea of the qualities that mark out his work.

Heirs and Graces – Adam Holmes


Adam Holmes and The Embers

The Songs of Molly Drake – BBCiPlayer


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