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In recent times, this blog has burst into life occasionally when I’ve heard a radio programme or watched a tv programme or documentary … and it’s prompted me to recall an earlier post.

That was the case this morning when BBC Radio 4’s ‘Broadcasting House’ sequence devoted an item to the 70s tv show ‘If You Were Me.’

For new readers, two teenagers, one British and one from another European country, swapped lives for a week, went to live in each other’s homes like a televised foreign exchange holiday, and the BBC filmed the results.

Prompted by the ongoing and apparently never-ending Brexit debate, ‘BH’ used ‘If You Were Me’ as a way of exploring how my generation (I was around the same age as the children involved in the show) was introduced to ideas that seem from another age now.

The exotic notion of foreign travel; what sort of houses did they live in; what your counterparts ate for school lunch; and why did their clothes look so much more stylish than ours?

My original posts were aimed at seeing if anyone else out there remembered the programme and what happened to the show’s participants, several of whom I had tracked down in the mid-1990s while working as a tv producer in the hope of making a follow-up series.

Suffice to say, the response was immediate and rather heart-warming.

A quick peek at the site’s ‘comments’ section reveals that my two posts about ‘If You Were Me’ back in 2012 generated more comments than any other post I’ve written.

So I hope those who’ve read this far will enjoy the ‘BH’ item, and the two posts below with comments attached.

Broadcasting House/BBC Radio 4 – ‘If You Were Me’ item – 53’20”

if you were me

if you were me 2


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