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Photo exhibitions are now a regular feature of the online landscape, so shows that are physically miles from where you live can be viewed from cyberspace.

One that opened a few days ago and caught my eye is ‘The Pier Head – Tom Wood’ at Liverpool’s Open Eye Gallery.

Over the course of 25 years, the photographer took thousands of rolls of film as he journied across the River Mersey between Liverpool and the Wirral Peninsula.

The images he captured portray ordinary people of all ages going about their business on the ferry that Gerry Marsden and his Pacemakers immortalised in their famous 1964 song.

As with many such projects, the very scale of the undertaking allows an exhibition to cherry pick the very best images, which appear here in both colour and black and white.

Clothes and hair styles allow the viewer to place the photographs in a particular time and, in this instance, a very particular place.

But what struck me is how Wood successfully captures the simple humanity of his subjects, whatever their age or sex.

The exhibition also raises the intriguing question in each case of what might have happened to his subjects since they were caught by his lens.

‘The Pier Head – Tom Wood’ – BBC News website story

* The photo above is by Tom Wood and features in ‘The Pier Head’ exhibition at the Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool Waterfront until 25th March 2018.

The Pier Head – Tom Wood

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