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The obituaries for Salford playwright Shelagh Delaney have rightly given prominence to her debut play ‘A Taste of Honey.’

But she also wrote screenplays, most notably ‘Dance With A Stranger,’ Mike Newell’s 1985 film about the last woman in Britain to be hanged – Ruth Ellis. The film also gave a welcome boost to the early careers of Miranda Richardson and Rupert Everett.

Dance With A Stranger on YouTube

At some point, perhaps when Morrissey’s interest in Delaney revealed itself in various Smiths songs, a Methuen paperback edition of ‘A Taste of Honey’ found its way into the Kytle library.

Sad to report that in a recent clear-out, the play went on EBay in a 99p auction – and 10 days went by without a single bid. Not for the first time, death will probably signal a revival of interest in the work of a major talent.

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