deaf school

Books about rock and pop music can sometimes disappoint, particularly if they are poorly written or the story they tell is already familiar. But two books I’ve enjoyed recently certainly don’t fall in to that category. ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Story Of Modern Pop’ by St.Etienne’s Bob Stanley (Faber & Faber) is a huge tome, but it’s one I can recommend to any lover of pop... read more


Clive Langer was a guitarist and songwriter with the 70s Liverpool band Deaf School – one of my favourite groups when I was growing up as a teenager on Merseyside. Sadly the band were critically acclaimed, but never sold any records. Shortly after Deaf School split, Langer’s talents were put to good use – first producing a string of classic Madness hits with Alan Winstanley. And then as... read more

formative experience

In these dogs days of August with the pace of life a little slower than normal, there’s time for reflection. Yesterday’s post made reference to a student job I had in the summer of 1976, packing biscuits on night shifts. What I remembered, as I listened to England losing their Number 1 postion in world cricket to South Africa, was that two significant musical connections were made all those... read more

lightning seeds

Ian Broudie is a Liverpool musician and producer, whose work I’ve enjoyed for a long, long time. Original Mirrors (one of the splinter groups formed by members of the much-loved Deaf School), The Lightning Seeds, Three Lions. Producer of Echo & the Bunnymen, The Zutons, The Coral and many others. So the chance to see the man in action with The Lightning Seeds on their current UK tour will be... read more

small world

Proof positive that the world of rock ‘n roll is indeed a small one was evident in a new documentary film I watched last night about veteran rockers Status Quo. Either that or my rather sad ability to connect assorted members of the rock fraternity is still in decent shape. For instance, you wouldn’t have thought that Paul Weller would turn up in an 80-minute trip through the career of the... read more

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